Le Mas Bottero


Restaurant Gastronomique & Boutique Gourmande


It could be said that the choice to set up business beside the very famous Nationale 7 road was both bold and clever.

This legendary vacation route extends nearly 1000 kilometres from Paris to Menton and provides easy access for travellers to discover the richness of France’s old and recent past particularly the arts, foods, crafts and unique vistas.

Nicolas Bottero in setting up near the charming village of St Cannat and only few km from thrilling city Aix en Provence had a vision of creating a wayside restaurant, easy to find… easy to park along this mythical “route” where travellers could take time out from their journey to enjoy a tranquil haven and be inspired by gourmet fare that reflects the taste of Provence. Mas Bottero is the realisation of that notion and illustrates the transformation of a dream into reality.

Mas Bottero was created to provide a distinctive experience to explorers of this region. The restaurant has a welcoming dining room of contemporary elegance decorated in subtle tones adjoining a charming garden and terrace.

Critically acclaimed by connoisseurs, Nicolas Bottero has returned to his roots to create authentic cuisine that is faithful to its southern origins. Like an artist he designs, shapes and builds epicurean delights that tease the senses yet retain the essence of their origin.

At Mas Bottero we invite you on a journey of discovery where you can savour imaginative dishes where the chef has truly tamed each ingredient. Resembling a maestro, his flair in the kitchen and that of his talented staff, has to be seen to be believed. Intriguing delicacies include the marriage of foie gras with mendiants and gingerbread, celeriac with lamb shanks, and Mediterranean seabass Gravlax with Romanesco .

This restaurant is all about the delivery of excellence through the creation of extraordinary cuisine, appealing presentation and impeccable service. From savoury to wicked sweetness the choices exude pure taste that can be matched with expertly selected local wines from the carefully stocked cellar.

In Provence a wonderful experience should never have an end but be enduring through something more tangible than a just a memory. So, we give you a little gift to say “Au Revoir” because at Mas Bottero we value your custom and look forward to seeing you again… Anytime!